Newsletter 2013

Components of our Program :

    • To educate, assist the HIV/AIDS impoverished women and their unborn babies in the Northwest, and help them live longer and healthier, and stop the spread of the AIDS virus
    • To control and prevent the incidences of HIV/AIDS infection and contamination of mother/baby in the Northwest of Haiti
    • To decrease the morbidity and mortality rate in this vulnerable group
    • To be a reference center for the affected/infected clients in the Northwest Region of Haiti.



Newsletter 2012 

The Menace of AIDS :

S.H.A.D. is extremely concerned about the increase rate of young women ages 14-45 living under poverty level who exchange sex for money and who are now infected with HIV/AIDS and living in (the Northwest of) Haiti.

Several articles were published from 1999 to 2005 noting the Northwest as the fourth most infected populace with HIV/AIDS of Haiti.  As per the Country profile of HIV/AIDS by Popline Document, 13% infection rate was reported from the Northwest compared to 3% in the South.  Among the reported cases the majority were young girls.  Data from GHESKIO-reported that young women age 14-29 were more affected than men of comparable age. 



Newsletter 2011


The Northwest Region of Haiti is an area of 2,175.89 km2 and it is dived into 10 districts with a ratio of 1 site for medical help for each 543 km2. The total population is 611,630 which included women from 14-49, 163,837, children under five 71,805, and the remaining between 15 and 24 131,129 people. The city of Port-de-Paix which is the largest measures 380 km2 with a population of 180,810 (30% of the Northwest population) the percentage of female in the Department is 51.8% compare to male which is 48.2%. According to the “Enquete Mortalite Morbidite & Utilisation des services” (EMMUS IV) the Monitoring Evaluation Surveillance Interface (MESI) total of 7 sites of Voluntary Testing Center (VCT) – 89% of men against 81 women where never tested, 5 sites of “Prevention Tranmission Mere-Enfant” (PTME), 3 sites of Antéretroviral (ARV), and 4 sites of first aid compare to the MAPHIV/AIDS VCT 11 sites, PTME 4 sites, ARV 1site and no first aids site to assist and service the Northwest of the country for that population. As per their March 2010 report the Northwest department has 3 sites of ARV (anteroviral testing).The services provided are insufficient to meet the needs of the infected individuals living under poverty level in that region.



Newsletter 2010

7.0 Magnitude Earthquake

January 1,2010 Haiti celebrated it's 206th Anniversary of Independence and it's 24th year of struglling to find a true non-corrupt leader after it's dictatorship era. This is not a political year in review. This is a SHAD year in review. We want to share the news of the help we were able to bring to those in need especially after the january 12th earthquake, the progress we have made as an organization and also how you can help continue to bring hope to a underprivileged nation.


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