The clinic aims at providing free health care and educational services to the poor women infected by HIV/AIDS in Haiti, especially in the Northwest region.

The services include:

  • Assessment and diagnostic.
  • Essential testing.
  • Counseling clients to assist them in facing reality and cope with the disease.
  • Prevention, education and risk reduction workshops, and community awareness event.
  • Helping prevent the spread of AIDS in various ways e.g. condom distribution.
  • Increased awareness regarding the severity of HIV/AIDS, and alerting the unaware and assuming population to opportunistic HIV infections and TB.
  • Educating them as to the necessity of healthier living conditions and adhering to a strict medication regimen.
  • Hygiene, nutrition, and follow up schedule.
  • The clients will attend lectures and video sessions about the disease process and participate in group discussions, role play and action plan.
  • The clinic will operate five days a week and will be run by a multidisciplinary staff, well trained in handling the disease and treatment process.

Our goal is to prevent the spread of HIV by providing adequate information about the severity of the disease and assist the Haitian population in living a better and healthier life. We intend educating them in their native language - an option that they never had before. The audio and video instructions will be provided to them in a language, they understand. Our main goal is to be a reference center for the infected women in the Northwest region of Haiti. The community would benefit from such a program as it would help to reduce the yearly death rate among the target population, improve their standard of health, help them live a normal life and be able to assist their families on daily basis.